Warrior of Zen

The Nio wooden Statue (Agyo)

For many years, I have been a practicer of zen – not a perfect adherent by any means, and not constantly devoted, but still practicing.

My practice has put me in the midst of the everyday. It has rarely taken me into the midst of others who practice formally.

Hence my moniker, solozen.

I have never found a zen approach which was 100% compatible with my world view — until I discovered The Religion of the Samurai and Warrior of Zen: the diamond-hard wisdom mind of Suzuki Shōsan.

This first post marks my first full day of working with this approach to zen — a warrior’s approach which makes the most sense to me of any.

If you read The Religion of the Samurai and Shosan’s words and agree with them, too, you may very well be like me — someone who sees great worth in this path, but needs a different approach than the usual, in order to live it more meaningfully.


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