Five Points in Buddhist practice

Suzuki Shosan (1579 –1655)

One day the Master said to the assembly:  “Nowadays, methods of applying the Buddhist practice are very poor.  As a result, everyone says that Buddhism is of no use in the secular world. This is not so.  The main point of what I refer to as ‘Society’s Three Jewels’ is Buddhism’s usefulness to society.  Were it not, I would be wrong to call it that.  In order to make people aware of its meritorious function, I wrote the Meritorious Use of the Three Holy Treasures.

In connection with this, the Master said:  “Buddhist practice means subjugation of the six rebellious delusions.  This cannot be done with a weak mind.  With a firm Dharma-kaya mind, you send forth the soldier of pure faith.  And with the sword of the original void, you sever delusions, self-attachment, and greed, wholeheartedly making advances throughout the day.


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