About Me

I’m a solo zen practitioner without a zendo or a sangha or whatever else you need to belong to a zen group. I’ve sat with groups in the past, but my schedule is full and unpredictable, so my practice has been — of necessity — confined to my own individual world.

Everything I write here comes from my own personal experience. Where my experience differs from what I’ve read and been told, I speak directly contrary to “received wisdom”. It’s the only thing that seems honest and right to me.

So, I do it.

I’ve been sitting, on and off, since 1990 or so. Holy crap, that’s over 20 years. I haven’t been 100% diligent every single day, every single year, and sometimes months and years have gone by when I didn’t sit. But what the hell, I learned my lessons, and now I have a daily practice that has stood me in good stead.

Sometimes I think I’d like to join a sitting group. Then I give it some more thought, and I realize… Nah. Solo zen suits me just fine.

And there we have it.


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