Don’t be afraid of the Real Dragon itself

I would like to ask to elegant people of studying Buddhism that because of having accustomed to models of dragons, don’t be afraid of the Real Dragon itself. Relying upon the direct and simple efforts of practicing Zazen diligently, and revering the person of transcending theoretical learning and forgetting intention. We will have identified ourselves with the Ultimate Truth of many Buddhas, and receive directly the balanced Autonomic Nervous System of many Patriarchs’ Samadhi. If you will continue this Something Ineffable, the Warehouse of Treasures will open naturally, and it will become easily possible for us to receive and utilize them as we like.



The zazen I speak of is not learning meditation.

It is simply the Dharma gate of repose and bliss, the practice-realization of totally culminated enlightenment. It is the manifestation of ultimate reality. Traps and snares can never reach it. Once its heart is grasped, you are like the dragon when he gains the water, like the tiger when she enters the mountain. For you must know that just there (in zazen) the right Dharma is manifesting itself and that, from the first, dullness and distraction are struck aside.